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Kayo Imamura M.A., LMFT

My prayers go out to those affected by the earthquake and fires in Ishikawa, Japan on the 1st of January 2024.

2024 年 1 月 1 日に石川県で発生した地震と火災により被害を受けた方々のご冥福と一刻も早い救助を心よりお祈り申し上げます。

In many Asian countries including Japan, seeking mental health support is very challenging due to cultural stigma. There is a tendency to think of mental illness as a “weakness” or “craziness.”

Many of us may have the idea that those people are best avoided because they are too much trouble to spend time with or it’s too difficult to manage a relationship with them.

There are many more beliefs and stereotypes surrounding mental illness. We need to talk about it together and what we can do to end the stigma.

This commercial was broadcasted on Japan Hollywood Network on the 31st of December 2023. For people who have been struggling with their relationships or lost their loved one, holiday seasons such as Christmas and New Year's Day may be a difficult and feel isolation.

There may be anxiety or hesitation about what counseling is all about. That is common! If you have any questions or wishes regarding counseling, I will be happy to provide a free consultation for 20 minutes.

日本を含む多くのアジア諸国では、文化的な背景やスティグマにより、メンタルヘルスのサポートを求めることは非常に困難です。 時に精神疾患は個人の「弱さ」や「異常」と考えられる傾向があります。


精神疾患を取り巻く信念や固定観念は他にもたくさんあります。 私たちはそれについて、そして偏見をなくすために何ができるか互いに話し合う必要があります。










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